Hanging Closet Organizer – With Six Compartments

Hanging Closet Organizers can be used if you don’t want to put things in complicated permanent organizers. They give you convenience by allowing you to place them anywhere in your closet and come in many varieties. You can use hanging closet organizers to place folded sweaters, shoes, hats, purses or just about anything else neatly […]

Quick Tip #2: Try a shoe organizer.

Our second Quick Tip is really a 1 minute fix. Do you look into your closet and have a difficulty seeing the floor? Is it covered with pair after pair of shoes that you only wear on certain occasions? If so, you’re one of many people that would find great use in a simple shoe […]

Quick Tip #1: Add an Extra Top Shelf

I’m sure if you have the original closet in your bedroom that came with your home, you’ve noticed that top shelf that hangs directly above the hangers. You probably use it for some sort of storage or a place to keep things that you don’t use very often. Have you ever noticed the clearance you […]


Organize It All 12-Pair Shoe Rack with Extra Shelf

Use this 12 pair shoe rack to keep your shoes organized. Double sided rack can hold six pairs of shoes on each side.

Made of quality metal with vinyl accents for grip, and features no-tool assembly with a bottom shelf for additional storage



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