Closet Shelf Organizer

If you keep stacking items on the closet shelf, it can lead to a disaster eventually – pulling one item out and then the rest will come tumbling down.

However with the Closet Shelf Organizer, you can make a better use of the storage space more efficiently and dramatically. This particular model has two slide-out shelves for clothes, sheets and sweaters. On other side, there are four see-thru plastic drawers which would be good for shoes, scarves and small items.

Mae of UV coated cardboard, this Closet Shelf Organizer fits to any standard closet shelving and wire racks. Make good use of the space above the closet shelf with this two-in-one closet storage system, and give your close the customized look.

Benefits of the Closet Shelf Organizer:

– Sturdy, vertical design makes use of dead space in closet
– Two removable slide-out trays help keep clothes neatly stacked in this closet storage system
– Four drawers keep shoes or small items organized and dust-free
– It is well designed to fit on standard closet shelves

closet shelf organizer

Remember, these are for convenience. They are a quick fix to finding room and structuring your closet in an organized manner.

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