How To Organize Junk Drawers

Most of us have junk drawer which we use to toss our junk stuff temporarily almost every day. The main purpose of this junk drawer is that as the name said, we would like to move away any temporary stuff right now, and deal with it at another time. But the problem is, we usually never go back to the point of making a decision of using it or getting rid of it. Therefore we end up finding this junk drawer develops and accumulates over the time. If you want to get this drawer organized, just follow this simple steps: discard, compartmentalize and practice.

Discard junk stuffs:
Make a decision and empty your junk drawer completely. If you think it is a true junk, then toss it without second thought. If some items are still good enough and can be used by someone else, then donate them.

Compartmentalize: It will help your life easier if you keep items separated in storage containers and locate them in categorized space area.

Also try to invest in drawer storage containers. They are worth to spend money on, and will help you keep your stuffs organized.

Separate and put similar items in the same container. For example, put craft supplies in one container and separate writing supplies in another one is a good practice.

Buy storage lids and put the label on them. This way you can access your items much quicker, and you know where to put items when cleaning time comes.

We are so used to throw junk stuffs in the same place and regret at a later time. If we make it a habit of organizing stuffs every day, then our life will get simpler and easier not having to spend a lot of times organizing them when it overflows.

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