How To Organize Your Shoes

Usually shoes are the last items that we pay attention if they are in our wardrobe, and many times we only do it right before getting out the door. Thus if you want to save time in organizing your shoes, make sure you put them in orderly fashion and arrange them in any spare time.

Organize shoes by category:
If you designate a separate shelf for your favorite shoes, or by their styles, you can reduce time tremendously when you want to find a specific shoes. For example, dress shoes and formal shoes can be grouped together on one shelf, slippers and sneakers can be also grouped and separated from others on another shelf.

Organize shoes using a shoe organizer:
If you are dealing with more than five pairs of shoes, then it is strongly recommended that you use a separate storage. It will definitely help you find them when needed, and you can easily locate your shoes whenever you want. There are many different styles and prices, but any inexpensive one made of plastic would work just well. It will last for a few years without having to maintain a lot.

Store your seasonal shoes:
At each season, your shoes will accumulate without your noticing. In such case, try to find extra closet area or empty space under your bed. Those places can be great storage area for your seasonal shoes while you can still access what you needed just in case.

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