Quick Tip #1: Add an Extra Top Shelf

I’m sure if you have the original closet in your bedroom that came with your home, you’ve noticed that top shelf that hangs directly above the hangers. You probably use it for some sort of storage or a place to keep things that you don’t use very often. Have you ever noticed the clearance you have between that shelf and the ceiling? If you have more than 4 feet of clearance between the shelf and ceiling, you are wasting a lot of space. Did you realize that most people place things on those shelves that only take about 8 – 15 inches vertically. That means there is a lot of room above these items that is completely useless in your closet. Adding one extra shelf can be extremely easy and cost affordable. In fact, adding the shelf can take less than 30 minutes.

Easy Steps:
1. Measure clearance – take a measurement of how much space you have so you can decide how high to add the extra shelf.
2. Measure width – take a measurement of how long the top shelf is so you can match the length with your additional shelf.
3. Buy shelf and applicable hardware – hardware may include braces, hooks, and anything else used to hang the organizer. Most stores that sell shelves have easy to follow instructions nearby or someone that works there can help you.
4. Ensure you have the proper tools – some tools may include but aren’t limited to a hammer, a drill, a level, and a pencil to make marks.
5. Install shelf and enjoy your new shelf!

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