Quick Tip #2: Try a shoe organizer.

Our second Quick Tip is really a 1 minute fix. Do you look into your closet and have a difficulty seeing the floor? Is it covered with pair after pair of shoes that you only wear on certain occasions? If so, you’re one of many people that would find great use in a simple shoe organizer. Shoe Organizers can vastly increase the amount of floor room you have free in your closet. Did you know that a simple organizer for your shoes can actually double your closet floor space. This is space that you may not even realize you have a use for but once clear, have the perfect thing to put in that space. If this sounds like you, there are many options you can implement to find the right fit for you. Usually shoe organizers, are as simple as buy one, place it in your closet, place your shoes on it and you’re done!

Stick around. There will be more quick tips to come!

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Organize It All 12-Pair Shoe Rack with Extra Shelf

Use this 12 pair shoe rack to keep your shoes organized. Double sided rack can hold six pairs of shoes on each side.

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